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Musical Talent
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FulhamTree method, an incredibly effective way of developing children 's natural musical talent - Our EXCLUSIVE ONLINE LESSONS AND ACTIVITIES are especially designed for children ages 2 to 9 - Enjoy the Summer promotion: only one fee grants you access to ALL THE COURSES - For older children and advanced musical training visit our website -

Online Music Lessons to Develop Children's Talent

We offer online music training for children ages 2 to 9. Our exclusive method supports the development of the natural musical abilities that all children have. Based on years of research and practical teaching experience, our brick and mortar site in London, UK, allow us to guarantee the effectiveness of our method. At Talent Playground, your children will learn to read music, at easy, tune and project the voice in a musical way, reproduce and read rhythms with precision and much more. Our online music lessons are a perfect complement to traditional music lessons and the right way to support your child’s musical talent.

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My child keeps singing all day

"I only spend some minutes per day working around with the material on Talent Playground and what I get is my child singing musical notes all day long. She sounds tuned (I'm not a musician) and very skilled on rhythms with.."

Brian, Lancashire, UK