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We are a team of musicians and educators that created this programme trying to reproduce the stimulus that have helped children to develop their talent for music.

We started surveying families of musically talented children to find out what experiences they must have been exposed to, that could have increased their children music abilities. We started to find common patterns, habits and practices.

We also found that even in talented children the musical abilities were not developed necessarily in a consistent way. Some children were more developed in rhythm, others in melody, and so on. We came up with a programme that develop music abilities in an integral way.

Twenty years of research now allows us to come with this exclusive programme based in repetition and patterns and fun activities that will awake your child musical hearing, relative pitch, develop their sense of rhythm and, in many cases, their perfect pitch too. We work with children from 1 to 7 years old as research shows those are the ages in which the talent for music is developed. Our courses also go beyond that age, but results are more difficult to guarantee if the child starts training passed the age of 7.

After years of theory research we started working in nurseries and then opened physical sites where we started to offer our service to the community. We keep a brick and mortar site in Fulham, London, UK in which we constantly improve our existing methods and test new ones in order to bring to you only effective ways of teaching music to little children.

How does our programme work?

Spend five minutes per day doing some of our exercises and give your children a boost in their music ability. This is a music training plan for children from 2 to 9 years old, although it can be also started before and after that age depending on the intellectual and physical maturity of the child. As a visitor you have free access to the first lesson of every course. Most courses consist of 16 lessons. After enrolling  you will have full access to the plans or course you have enrolled to. If your child is still not confident when practicing a specific lesson don\'t feel tempted to move on. If you do move on anyway, make sure you still practice the previous lessons in addition the new one. Don’t worry if you feel that you have been for too long on the same lesson. Every child has her own pace but relax, this programme works with every child in most of the cases.